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what i do

The difference between a successful and an unrealized project often pivots on how well the design is communicated to the client. Two dimensional plans and elevations often do not sufficiently translate the designer’s ideas leaving the client underwhelmed. My mission is to bridge the gap in understanding between designer and client by providing high quality, impactful visualizations that effectively relay the designer’s vision.

I have 8 years of experience in architectural design and have first-hand experience in how quality architectural visualizations can expedite design approvals and develop excitement for the project that would not be possible with two dimensional presentations. Architectural renderings can be invaluable in projects that require donor funding or committee approval to get off of the ground. As a freelance artist I can provide my services at competitive prices with a quick turnaround.

Using Sketchup, V-Ray rendering software and the Adobe suite I can transform Autocad floor plans and elevations into impactful 3-D visualizations in a week’s time. With a commitment to client satisfaction I will develop a 3-D model and work with the designer to select the perfect view that best showcases the design.

I appreciate your time in reviewing my work and would be honored to have an opportunity to work with you.

my skills


Why Choose Me?

  • Architectural Experience

    I have years of architectural design experience and know how structures are built. I have the ability to work from a sketch and fill in the blanks as needed.
  • Available and Responsive

    I know the nightmare of unresponsive consultants and go out of my way to quickly respond to any questions.
  • It makes Lucy happy

    You wouldn't want her to be sad would you?
  • Made in the USA

    It's difficult to impossible for me to compete with the prices of some foreign architectural rendering services, but as they say.. you get what you pay for.


Lucy Grace

Her current motor skills prevent her from being very productive, but what she lacks in productivity she makes up for in cuteness.

Matt Wheeler
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It’s just me. I handle it all from beginning to end.